War vs. Peace

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War vs. Peace | TeamLol

9 Responses to War vs. Peace

  1. Juliana says:

    This is amazing. Omg. Peace was way hilarious :)

  2. Alex Z says:

    LOLOL..SO halariouse!! Yes…peace..peace…lol…loved it :D !?!?!?!///////

  3. Anastasia says:

    Great Job guys!

  4. Olena Komashko says:

    Great job

  5. Rachel says:

    Overall: An entertaining and meaningful(?) video on a critical issue of today’s world where terrorism and military conflict continue to threaten innocent citizens.
    You picked a difficult topic so good effort, however, the topic of war vs. peace is not as simple as you might portray in the video. Your film would be improved with more specific reasons backed up with solid research for each category. The content is also misleading in some ways because war is not always about exercising arbitrary power and bringing harm, but often there is a more important underlying cause in order to “protect” a belief, territory, or maintain power. Ironically, some leaders believe that war is the output for peace. In addition, you could have more clearly outlined the benefits of peace to contrast the devastating effects of war using real life examples (ex. mention the European Union (EU) which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in just last year and what positive impact it has had on the international stage). “Friendship” is not a bad result of peace however the term is vague. It might have been interesting to discuss how the forms of war and peace are changing through time since war is now about nuclear power and peace advocating groups such as the United Nations is making efforts to disarm countries with nuclear weapons and keep the risk factors in check.
    Technical elements: The background music did capture my attention in the introduction but throughout the video, it was rather distracting and the conversation was difficult to hear.

  6. Andrew L says:

    Actual stimulating, rather funny, enjoyable cover however. Myself might not catch altogether the discourse since of the melody, nonetheless…Myself supposing he everything the method it’s hypothetical toward…

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