Me vs. My Brother

Me vs. My Brother 2.2/5 (45%) 88 votes

Me vs. My Brother | TeamAwesome

13 Responses to Me vs. My Brother

  1. Peter Jiang says:

    Good animation! I enjoyed your virtual tennis movement!

  2. Doug Smith says:

    Awesome animation! I didn’t realize that you can play tennis match like that before watching your movie.

  3. Alex says:

    Good stuff Bro! Way to go!

  4. Stanley M. says:

    good video! Cool virtual tennis Edward!

  5. Davy Hu says:

    Awesome!You vs me someday!

  6. Marson Mao says:

    Awesome!Way to go Edward!!

  7. Gabe says:

    LMAO! Little asian kid showing off after effects skills. Yet epically failing. Terrible Video 1 star

  8. Eric says:

    obvious showoff. could have been better if focused on filming and using a real ball rather than showing off cheesy animation. the similar clothing also confused me on who was playing. very mediocre.

    • Edward says:

      Eric: Thanks for you comments. Thanks for pointing out the similar clothing which confused you. Yes my brother looks extremely alike me that can also cause confusion on who was playing. I will pay attention to the details next time and work harder to make a better film. This is a learning project for me and I am in grade 5, and there is really nothing to showoff. I will continue my learning endeavor to improve my skills in make a better movie. I feel there are so many things to learn and learning is so exciting! Thanks again buddy! Be in peace!

  9. Lien Truong says:

    Very creative animation! Impressive!

  10. Sam says:

    Nice film! Short and sweet! I wish I am able to do a project like this in my high school.

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