Haoming vs. King Francis

Haoming vs. King Francis 3.4/5 (68%) 64 votes

Haoming vs. King Francis | TeamTeams

11 Responses to Haoming vs. King Francis

  1. c, Li says:

    Hao Ming: you are a good actor

  2. Rachel says:

    Well written lines, excellent rhyme, and great action, but what is the message?

  3. Liangting says:

    Haoming, you are best! Terrific! You are born to act.

  4. Franky says:

    In case you viewers do not notice, our film is a combo between acting and saying rhyming verses, it was inspired by Epic Rap Battles Of history.
    Actors: Haoming Haoming
    Francis Francis the king
    Di Digod the god
    Pragith Fighting guy
    Franky Director

  5. Fire dude says:


  6. Fire dude says:


  7. Fire dude says:

    Di and Francis was da bests actors! The rest were so so….

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